Khatha Khatha services include Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance (EPCM), and Project Management

Khatha Khatha full-service EPCM office with the capabilities to provide feasibility studies, FEED, detail and process engineering, logistics, procurement, project management, construction, and operations and maintenance. The local staff includes engineers, construction and maintenance, personnel and project support personnel.

Khatha Khatha Tradition of Community Service in South Africa Khatha Khatha has a long tradition of community service around South Africa.

While Khatha Khatha's core business is centred on engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance, providing service to the communities in which Khatha Khatha employees work and live is Khatha Khatha's privilege.

Rathanda RDP Project

Formed by Mr. TP Tshivhenga as a civil and structural design firm, Khatha has grown into a highly capable resource and infrastructure focused engineering project house providing a full range of engineering, architectural and project management solutions to all industries in South Africa.

John Dube Village Project

All your building requirements in one company, from structural extensions, tiling, renovations, maintenance, alterations, custom paving, painting, publing, complete building design and construction, with top architects and civil engineers to meet your desired construction requirements.

Corporate Aspiration

In order to achieve its objectives; Khatha Khatha aspires to:

  • become nationally recognized and preferred supplier, construction and distribution services to the government and society at large