Khatha - Khatha Trading Enterprise is an enterprise that is instrumental in the preserving and exceeding excellent service to its clients. Khatha - Khatha Trading Enterprise is positioned to impart services that are equilibrium to the Government’s/private urge, vision and necessitation to maintain the improvement of underprivileged communities.

    Takalani is the founder of Khatha - Khatha Trading Enterprise . He is a strategist, visionary and a magnificent leader who helped established many businesses enterprises. He studied vastly in the South Africa and has completed his (MBA) Master of Business Administration in London UK.

    Takalani pioneered training for South African Transport Services now known as (Transnet Limited) in the whole country during the time when black people where not eligible for training. He initiated and conducted voters’ education in 1990 in anticipation for the big elections that finally took place in 1994. He was behind the establishment of Transnet Phelophepa the health care train which travels around South African assisting rural community so that they may as well access health services.

    He is a builder who trained under the supervision of great construction specialists.

    Charles is a founder of Youth Economical Empowerment Civils (YEE Civils). Charles has the interests of youth empowerment at heart. He studied vastly abroad in the field of business administration.

    In 2002 started youth empowerment project at SHARP College for the disabled, which was very successful. Youth Economical Empowerment civils successfully delivered a number of project ranging from construction of roads, bridges, water reticulation and building of schools around South Africa.